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IGSA creates a new local division in Africa

IGSA creates a new local division in Africa

Image source: unsplash.com, Sergey Zolkin

The International Game Server Association (IGSA) has launched a new division to regulate the African gaming industry.

The IGSA African division aims to ensure gamers have access to safe and secure gaming experiences. It will also provide opportunities for local operators to expand through marketing and technology.

By setting standards for servers and services, the division hopes to protect players from fraud and ensure fair gaming experiences.
Furthermore, the IGSA African division will ensure that gaming operators are adhering to the local laws and regulations in their respective countries.

The division will also provide a platform for operators to collaborate more effectively with each other

The launch is seen as a major step forward for the African gaming industry.

Published November 15, 2023 by GamblingTalk
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