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Nairobi energizes iGaming discourse as Gaming Tech Summit Africa 2024 wraps up

Nairobi energizes iGaming discourse as Gaming Tech Summit Africa 2024 wraps up

The Gaming Tech Summit Africa 2024 took place on June 4th and 5th this year, offering a platform for iGaming operators to engage with regulators and providers in Africa. The summit covered various topics including responsible gambling, the future of the iGaming industry in Africa, balancing economic gains with the negative impacts of gambling, industry-wide regulations and trends, fraud prevention in iGaming, overview of online gaming regulations, and a snapshot of the African gaming market.

During the summit, several key issues were discussed:

In Nigeria, CEO Bashir Are highlighted the country's sizable youth population and their passion for sports, which presents a significant advantage for the gaming industry. Nigeria also implements measures like free Wi-Fi on buses coupled with educational campaigns against underage gambling. They enforce strict Know Your Customer (KYC) measures to prevent minors from accessing gaming establishments.

In Botswana, CEO Peter Emolemo Kesitilwe emphasized the country's proactive approach to online gambling regulation, utilizing cloud-based systems and stringent online monitoring. Botswana also offers self-help and exclusion portals for individuals struggling with gambling addiction, while advertising regulations prioritize responsible messaging.

Namibia's gaming market, as described by Chairperson Ben Shikongo, is still emerging, with operators requiring licenses from the gambling board before advertising on online platforms.

Rwanda is working towards digital payment solutions and legislative amendments to accommodate online gaming, as outlined by Director Jean Claude.

Ethiopia's National Lottery, presented by Director Desse Dejene Lemesa, only licenses four operators and mandates community contributions from operators.

Director General Paulo Jorge Ringote expressed optimism about Angola's gaming market, despite challenges posed by illegal gambling. Angola aims to create a conducive environment for investors through regulatory reforms and crackdowns on illicit activities.

Overall, the summit provided a valuable opportunity for stakeholders to discuss key issues and collaborate on shaping the future of Africa's iGaming industry.

Published June 13, 2024 by GamblingTalk
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