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Comoros-licensed SportBet partners with MightyTips for crypto iGaming expansion

Comoros-licensed SportBet partners with MightyTips for crypto iGaming expansion

MightyTips has announced a strategic partnership with SportBet, a crypto platform specializing in iGaming, to expand its reach to a broader audience.

Lola Niles, SportBet Affiliate Manager, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, " partners with MightyTips to offer users high-quality and reliable options for bitcoin betting. This collaboration combines the extensive expertise and knowledge of both platforms, providing players with a unique experience in the world of sports betting."

SportBet is transforming the iGaming landscape with its decentralized platform built on the EOS blockchain. This innovative approach eliminates the need for identity verification and deposits, simplifying the user experience and making it more accessible.

By leveraging the EOS blockchain, SportBet ensures user anonymity, with all transactions securely recorded on an immutable ledger, enhancing transparency and fairness. Direct payouts to users' EOS accounts eliminate the need for third-party intermediaries, resulting in lower transaction fees and increased efficiency.

SportBet holds a license from Mwali in the Comoros Union and is dedicated to providing a hub of enjoyable and relaxing iGaming entertainment. The partnership with MightyTips is a significant step in SportBet’s mission to make iGaming more accessible and user-friendly.

Eugene Ravdin, MightyTips Communications and Marketing Manager, commented, "We hope MightyTips can help SportBet elevate this exciting concept to the next level. We can’t wait to get started working with an impressive group of tech entrepreneurs."

This partnership marks a pivotal moment for both companies as they aim to provide a seamless and innovative sports betting experience for users worldwide.

Published June 7, 2024 by GamblingTalk
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